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Our stakeholders

TenneT's vital role in empowering society creates responsibility to a wide range of stakeholders such as our shareholder, the general public, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), politicians, regulators, investors, the media, our customers, other European TSOs, our suppliers and our employees. We take responsibility, engage with our stakeholders and connect with them to create value.

To create value for our stakeholders, we have to understand their expectations and needs. We do this by interacting with them regularly and transparently across various platforms. This year for example we launched a pilot among local communities where we started construction activities, to measure our reputation. We intend to do this at the start, in the middle and at the end of a project. This will give us an insight into what our stakeholder needs and expectations are and how we can improve what we say and do meeting stakeholder expectations.

We report our stakeholder activities in the Executive Board section of this integrated annual report in the same strategic areas (i.e. society, markets, environment, employees and financial) as the rest of the report because we view proactive engagement along our value chain as our responsibility. The enclosure of this integrated annual report also includes a summary of our stakeholder activities.