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Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is that society has opted for the large-scale introduction of renewable energy, the generation of which has changed the dynamics of supply. At the same time, the dependence on electricity continues to increase, and this demands continuous reliability levels. To cope with these developments, the European electricity market needs to become more integrated. Sound market design, technical and operational innovation, storage solutions and adequate grid capacity are all required to continue to match supply and demand across borders.

Our mission as a leading TSO is to create stakeholder value by providing security of electricity supply in the markets we serve and by pursuing the development of an integrated and sustainable NWE electricity market.

Our core values of quality and integrity are unconditional principles that set out clear guidelines of our behaviour. These principles are embedded in our corporate culture to ensure that quality and integrity are the basis for everything we do. Our brand values of being responsible, engaged and connected are a promise to our stakeholders that underlines how we want to meet their needs and how we want to be perceived. For further information on our values, click here.