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Summary stakeholder activities

StakeholderStrategic goalType of dialogueWhat we discussed and achieved in 2016Priorities for 2017
Governments, political parties and regulatory bodiesEngage stakeholdersInformative and close involvement* Worked closely with the Ministries of Economic Affairs to further develop the energy report and policy document (including an evaluation of the energy agreement). * Influenced the decisions of the regulator for the new regulatory periods. * Involved in the new law on "electricity market design" and "digitalisation", in the regulations on network charges and interest on equity capital and in the discussion on Regional Operation Centres (ROCs) Germany. * Cooperated with provincial authorities and DSOs on the implementation of wind onshore and other issues concerning TenneT.* Involvement in discussion on role TSOs Germany in taking power plants up in our grid for means of balancing power. * Put forward the technical pros and cons of cabling, so that politicians can make the right decisions.
Local communitiesEngage stakeholders* Informative and close involvement on various projects * Local participation and interaction* Active interaction with local communities for SuedLink and SuedOstLink and many AC- projects in Germany. Also in the Netherlands there was intensive online and offline contact with local communities and authorities for several cabling projects (110/150 kV) and new 380 kV overhead line projects like Zuid-West 380 kV and Noord-West 380 kV. In 2016, there was also active interaction on the new offshore wind projects Net op Zee Borssele and Hollandse kust. * In the Netherlands TenneT is in the building phase of two major projects Randstad 380 kV Noordring and Doetinchem-Wesel 380 kV. We interacted online and offline on several initiatives with or initiated by local communities which strengthened our relationship in the region and monitored, as a pilot project, the sentiments and issues in these projects that are topical for local communities.* Active online and offline monitoring of the themes, sentiments and issues that are topical for local communities. * In the Netherlands we will further standardise measuring the quality of our communication efforts, to improve or adjust in time when necessary.
MediaEngage stakeholdersClose involvementVirtually all TenneT-related subjects, illustrating our relevance to society. * Secured media understanding of our role as a European TSO and emphasised the importance of an integrated European energy market. * Presented our vision on an European electricity system in the North Sea in on June 10, Nieuwspoort, The Hague.* Share relevance and necessity of TenneT's role and position in the digital transformation of the electricity grid. * Show impact of the energy transition on the electricity system and present socially acceptable solutions.
CustomersSecurity of supply and innovate businessInformative, close involvement in various areas and contractual agreements* Discussed the exchange of data in the electricity market e.g. in relation to smart meters. * Improved the set up for delivery of ancillary services by aggregators. * Implemented the German revised energy-only market design with a special focus on reserves and the balancing pricing mechanism.* Set up and carry out pilot projects on provision of Balancing Energy by new market participants. * Analyse potential improvement of tariff structure to facilitate (demand side) flexibility. * Extension functionalities of Customer Portal (MyTenneT) for more innovative customer services.
Other European TSOsLeading the development of an integrated and sustainable NWE electricity marketClose involvement* Involved in new EU law on market design. * Implemented European network codes.Focus on cooperation, while EU sentiment moves in a different direction, with more national focus.
SuppliersSecurity of supply and innovate businessMarket consultation, meetings and negotiations* Managed the contracts for COBRA within budget. * Discussed issues with ABB on cable joints DolWin2 and came to agreement on further procedure. * Performed the tender procedures for Wind op Zee, Borssele 1 and 2. * Introduced Safety Culture Ladder to the supplier market. Pilot has started for further implementation.* Further procedures for "Wind op Zee" and German offshore projects. * Tender procedures for onshore grid expansion in NL and GE. * Further implement the Framework for Safety by Contractor Management.
Non-governmental organisation (NGOs)Engage stakeholders to safeguard the position of TenneT and guarantee our license to operateInformative, cooperative, consulting and involvement on project levelSigned the Green Deal Infranatuur, which was initiated by the "Vlinderstichting".Take action, together with the relevant NGOs active in the Dutch North Sea, to work on measures that will have positive impact on local nature.
EmployeesEngage stakeholders and innovate businessClose involvement* Professionalised our project management approach by defining skill sets, strategic personnel planning for managers for large projects (>40 million) and continuous learning. * Introduced our Always Energy Program with the first Always Energy Experience. * Rolled-out the Life Saving Rules for employees and contractors.* Development of an employee diversity policy aiming to contribute to a high performing organisation. * Design of a corporate performance management system and culture, which motivates and challenges our people to perform and develop.
Shareholders (Corporate and projects)Deliver shareholder value to safeguard position and adequate return on invested capitalClose involvement* Obtained shareholder approval for investments in several large onshore and offshore projects. * Obtained additional equity capital for financing of Dutch investment portfolio. * Informed adequately on a regular basis and obtained shareholder approval when necessary.* Obtain shareholder approval for investments in several large onshore and offshore projects. * Inform adequately on a regular basis and obtain shareholder approval when necessary.
Debt investors and rating agenciesDeliver shareholder valueClose involvement and contractual agreements* Maintained our A-/ A3 credit rating and our top 25% industry-recognised CSR rating. * Negotiated and arranged additional financing in the banking and debt capital markets.* Maintain our A-/ A3 credit rating and our top 25% industry-recognised CSR rating. * Negotiate and arrange additional financing in the banking and debt capital markets.