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Company statement of financial position

For the year ended 31 December (EUR million)

Non-current assets
Investments in subsidiaries8.46,2965,841
Investments in joint ventures and associates8.53536
Other financial assets8.66,0506,200
Total non-current assets12,38112,077
Current assets
Other financial assets8.61,692801
Account- and other receivables
Cash and cash equivalents51154
Total current assets1,743955
Total assets14,12413,032
Equity and liabilitiesNotes20172016
Paid up and called-up capital100100
Share premium1,3801,380
Revaluation reserve5465
Reserve for participating interests85
Hedging reserve45
Retained earnings1,7251,721
Unappropriated result442134
Equity attributable to ordinary shares3,7133,410
Hybrid securities1,018520
Equity attributable to owners of the company4,7313,930
Non-current liabilities
Payables to group companies280630
Deferred tax liability45
Total non-current liabilities7,0706,970
Current liabilities
Account- and other payables8.91,367963
Bank overdrafts3942
Total current liabilities2,3232,132
Total equity and liabilities14,12413,032