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First and biggest connection to the Dutch North Sea: on time and on budget
First and biggest connection to the Dutch North Sea: on time and on budget
Interview with
Bastiaan Burger & Jannes Kinds
The completion in 2019 of Borssele Alpha, TenneT’s first and largest connection system for the Borssele wind farms on the Dutch North Sea, is a major step in achieving the Netherlands’ climate targets.
“The Borssele grid connection is a first major step in linking the wind parks in the North Sea to the onshore grid, reducing the Netherlands’ dependency on fossil fuels.

The collaboration with our construction partner HSM Offshore, which is building the offshore substation, benefits from trust, transparency, mutual understanding and a continuous focus on results. Key to success is early stakeholder involvement and TenneT’s holistic approach to the process in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

Bastiaan Burger
Project Lead Borssele Platform
Alpha and Beta TenneT
“Borssele Alpha and Beta will be the largest AC substations in the world and are the first large-scale grid connections to be constructed under the Dutch National Energy agreement for offshore wind farms.

We completed the hook-up, commissioning and certification of Borssele Alpha in August 2019, making the grid connection ready to receive power from the two Borssele wind parks. At HSM we are very proud to be handling all the engineering, procurement, construction, transport, installation, connection and the testing. It was also a privilege to work closely with the TenneT team on this and pioneer this together. We look forward to continuing to work closely on Borssele Beta, in the same cooperative way and spirit.”

Jannes Kinds
Project Manager Borssele
Alpha & Beta HSM Offshore BV